Saturday, November 3, 2012

Animal abuse

Lately, many people and dogs have been talking about animal abuse all around the world. From letting them outside unsupervised to hurting them really badly. Im lucky enough to have a fantastic family that would never do that to me, but some of my furry friends know other canines that had that problem. I am trying to prevent animal abuse by writing poems for those specific dogs in the world(Ill post some at the end). I will think of you every day.

1.Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Animals need to be loved,
Not to be abused

U cannot and will not
Severe damage
Everyone feels bad when they do it

 3.Animals cannot talk so for them we must speak
They are poor and helpless and weak
They cannot care for themselves or get their own water and food
Please don't hit me again I promise to be good
Don't leave me tied to this tree
I need freedom to roam can't you see
I have never hurt you so what is it I have done
I only want to play and have a little fun
I am an animal but I can feel pain too
Please don't abuse me I just want to love you
4.Living a life full of fear,
a life of cruelty.
The animals that suffer,
have no voice to tell you.
They are beaten,
have to fight for food,
or die for their fur.
They are being abused,
in on of the many 
cruel and disrespectful ways
of animal cruelty.
The animals suffer,
more then the eye can see.
Look into their eyes,
and see the pain inside.
Some people are blind,
to blind to see they need help.
Animals are in need
of those that believe in them.
people who give them good homes,
and protect them 
for as long as they live.

5.I haven’t seen anyone for days.
My bones ache for attention,
As I see you walk away.
It didn’t use to be that way.
I guess I got to be too much to handle
As I now sit alone in my deserted land.
I have no voice of my own.
I need you to speak for me.
The days are long as I waste away.
Nowhere to go, I pull at the chains,
Welts at my neck, blood, misery and pain.
Can anybody speak for me?
As hunger rots my core, I wonder where you are,
And why you have left me here to suffer.
What agony did I cause to deserve this punishment?
Can anybody speak for me?
Do you even remember my name?
When your pellets silence my
Howling cries in the night?
With not even a grassy patch
To rest my weary head upon,
Dirt is all that remains from my constant pacing.
Can someone please speak for me?
I lay here dying and unloved.
As I am being tossed away with the banana peels
And other gluttonous garbage,
I needed you to speak for me.

Please don't cry
these poems are true
U can help stop animal abuse,too

Friday, November 2, 2012

2 Weeks!

My Dear Friends,
It is now officially two weeks until my dear friend Ellie Dog comes to visit me! While she's here, we're going to have a birthday party for me. With lots of food. And presents. And walks.
We're also going to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Two Weeks!

Yours Sincerely,


The most Delicious doggy in the Entire world

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oddly Enough...

Dear My Beloved Sidekicks,
I am sorry for the delay in my posting, but I have been going in the black carriage that could roll forever to a country which had lumps on every inch of it!  I had no idea what the huge lumps were that rose out of the ground but we rode into them and soon we arrived at our tree.

At least I THINK it was a tree, because the whole of it was wood. I ate, slept, and was refreshed. For the rest of the week, I ate and slept too, not just this one night for those who are concerned, and I tagged along to cities, towns, and the hikes where we explored the lumps.

By now, looking back on the trip, I don't think the lumps were bruises or stings, as they, although green or grey in color, didn't ooze anything as injuries often do. I loved trying all the new food, although I only got bits of bacon etc, and I am much rounder around the waist, which OBVIOUSLY means I am getting more muscular!


(or should I say "Poodles!" :~)

-The Great Puggle

Friday, July 13, 2012

No name

Making videos with my masters,




Going in water,

Not as much fun

Getting pet

Very Funnnnnnn

  I am deeply sorry that I have not been posting as much. I have  been having a lot of "tail wagging" adventures lately. Ive recently been more famous than I was before because I am now in a very popular show called Mias Memories. Its one one of my masters blogs. I was eavesdropping while they replayed the video once. It looks sooooo cool!!! Ill try to post more!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

My stupendous patterned bed

   Lately, what I've been doing is what I usually do, sleep. The reason I sleep at this time of day is because it is so rainy in the summer! If I can't go outside, then the only choice I have is to go to bed. My bed is really hard to explain. It's like a light brown with a bunch of patterns on it. Hmm, I guess it isn't very hard to explain. When masters, Sadie and Mia come downstairs early, they start to rub my belly in my perfectly perfect bed.

  I love that...

                                                                         See it?!?!



Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Favorite Time of Day

Everyday, my masters, Mia and Sadie wake up real early and scratch my belly.

I like this.

Then, later, it's breakfast time, and I go under the kitchen table for crumbs.

I like this time too.

Then, later, every one sits around a big, big table which they don't eat on. They put paper and stuff on the table. We are all together.

I like this time.

A little while later, my masters go to different floors and do things. I wait and wait, because soon is my favorite time of day.

Finally, I sit on my favorite cushion and everyone gathers in the room with my cushion. They bark in thier weird tongue while reading a.... bok? I think I ate one once.

They eat their snacks, give me some, and pet me.

This is my favorite time of day.

I like it more that any other time of day.

Even meals,

and massage times,

and every other time.

Good bye!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Unusual Exercising

   Since we moved to this alien planet, my masters have been taking me on about 4 walks a day! That's a lot for a dog. Well, not for a dog, for me. I have been busy barking and looking at unusual things so I don't have any pictures up.  Hopefully I will be able to stop being so obsessed with that, that I can put some up eventually.  Still, I do like to explore this new alien planet.  I can tell you, though, that some things I have been seeing are new people, a great variety of bikes (who knew there could be so many!), and a lot of tulips and windmills.  The weather's not always cheery, though - it's sometimes very dreary, so - because there's so much rain. My masters have been doing a lot more exploring than me, though. But I get to see new things even if I want to stay in my comfy home and in bed.

     P.S. This photo was not taken by me, but I think looked a lot like my new alien world.

Hope ur having a good summer so far!